The Call To Greatness

  • Growth

    Learn how to intentionally and actively manifest all that you desire to live the life you dream of and deserve!

  • Alignment

    Become aligned with, attuned to and harness the infinite energy of the Universe to intentionally create a life you LOVE!

  • Greatness

    Discover your personal greatness and highest potential and set yourself up for success, not just for 2020 - but for your lifetime!

About Your Course Creator

Jo Brittles


Jo Brittles

Hi friends! From a lifetime of trauma, tragedy, abuse, obesity and toxicity - I have managed to create a life that is far beyond my wildest dreams and I want to help YOU to do, be and have the same! We will uncover your inner personal power and your innate greatness - to create, in harmony, WITH the infinite abundance and powerful energy of the Universe, to have and experience a life you truly, hand-on-heart LOVE! I'm here to tell you and more importantly, SHOW you, how it all begins and ends with capable, powerful, magnificent YOU.

An Overview of what to Expect Inside the Manifestation Activation Course

A snapshot of what we'll cover inside the Manifestation Activation Course Framework

  • Clear your fears and learn to trust yourself and the Universe.

  • Release the need to control outcomes.

  • Learn to manifest with intention!

  • Feel inspired and supported.

  • Feel a sense of ease and peace as you transition into the higher version of yourself.

  • A deep understanding of the 11 Universal Laws and how to make them work FOR you.

  • Daily coaching in an intimate & supportive setting to ensure you get the support and guidance you need.

Manifestation Activation Course Price

Are you ready to activate your full potential?

Are you ready to call in all that you dream of and desire for yourself and your life, with great intention and action? Are you ready and willing to engage, discover and create your highest potential in this lifetime?